90% of our new clients are referred from existing and former clients.

Here are some of their actual letters and notes to us, which we keep on a bulletin board as a reminder of the lasting impact of our work.

After so many years, I cannot believe that my deportation order was reopened, and that I am now a permanent resident. I feel like I’ve been given wings. Green wings. I cannot thank you enough.
— Digna C., Waterbury, CT.
Thank you a million times over to you and your team. I finally feel like I’m a real person in this country I have called home my whole life. Now, after meeting you, I feel this was God’s plan. I can only go up from here thanks to God and the help that he gave me by bringing me to you.
— Edgar G., Bridgeport, CT.
Thank you for working so hard on our case. I know we won because of your hard work and that of your team. I will never forget that you took my case when no lawyer would. With all of my heart, thank you.
— Maria B., Springfield, MA
A million thanks for your magnificent work in helping me to obtain my dream of citizenship. Congratulations on your wonderful team with professionalism and responsibility.
— Luis T., Westchester, NY.
Thank you for your professional service, your great job and support.
— Monica S., Manchester, CT
Just want to thank you so much! Everything turned out for the better. Finally, my husband is with me. Thanks so much - you are the best.
— Shannon C., Westchester, NY
Without a doubt, you are the best representatives. The best work team, Attorney Maria Luisa de Castro Foden and her daughter, my heart is eternally grateful for the incredible effort that you made on my behalf. Your professionalism exceeded my expectations. Thank you.
— Carlos L., Stamford, CT
It was a pleasure to work with people who treated us with so much respect. Thank you for everything.
— Iris F., Queens, NY
My wife and I want to thank you so much for your work. It is a dream come true to have been able to resolve my legal status in this country. Thank you.
— Milton V., New London, CT
Thank you Maria Luisa for helping us. You are like an angel on the ground. Thank you so so much.
— Estefania M., Norwalk, CT
Thank you for all of your work. I am so happy with the work that you did - without a doubt in my mind, if I had not had your assistance, I would not have been successful in my case. I am so grateful. Thank you.
— Rafael C., Stamford, CT
Thank you all so much for your work on our case. Having received our green cards so quickly, after so many years of difficulties, was no less than a dream come true for us, and it is all thanks to your knowledge and hard work. You turned our case around and changed everything for my family.
— Ivan D., Bridgeport, CT
Thank you for helping me and for representing me in my citizenship with such success. Congratulations on your incredible, professional, and established team who knew how to guide me through each step of this case.
— Johana T., Norwalk, CT