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90% of our new consultations are referred by current and past clients. 

After so many years under an order of deportation, I cannot believe that I am now a Permanent Resident.
I feel like I have wings. Green wings! Thank you for everything that you have done.
You changed my life.
— Digna | Waterbury, CT
Without a doubt, you are the best attorneys. The best work team as well. To Maria Luisa de Castro and her daughter, my heart is with eternally grateful to you - I am so happy with the work that you did and thank you for the incredible effort that you made on my behalf. Your professionalism is better than I could ever hoped.
— Carlos | Stamford, CT

Just want to thank you so much! Everything turned out for the better. Finally, my husband is a Permanent Resident - now we can travel, and I can breathe deeply and sleep soundly. I cannot thank you enough.
— Sharon | Westchester, NY
Thank you all so much for your work on our case. Having received my green card so quickly after many years of lost hope in our case, it’s a dream come true for me and my family. I am so appreciative of your knowledge and hard work. You have changed our lives.
— Ivan | Bridgeport, CT