Who We Are

For 35 years, we’ve helped thousands of immigrants from our

classic white three-story office on Oak Street, in Hartford, Connecticut. 

We are best known for family immigration, citizenship and removal defense,

and are proud of the impact our practice makes on people's lives.

                 We are highly regarded as reliable, diligent and effective specialists in the practice of immigration law

and are pleased that all of our attorneys, paralegals and supporting team are native Spanish, Portuguese, or French speakers. 


client Testimonials / Testimonios de Clientes

Maria Luisa de Castro Foden is the founder and heart and soul of our practice. Born in Chile, she immigrated to the United States 1967 as a foreign student to Douglas College, Rutgers University in New Jersey.

When she received her Juris Doctor, she was the first hispanic woman to graduate from the University of Connecticut School of Law. She hung her shingle at the same location at 107 Oak Street in Hartford Connecticut in June of 1980 as a general practice, with the idea of helping and advocating for people who could not do so themselves. Originally, her practice began with a little of everything. She had a wall of file cabinets - one cabinet for divorce, one for criminal, real estate, and one small drawer for immigration petitions. Slowly but surely, that one drawer for immigration grew to a cabinet, then two cabinets, then three, and today, 35 years later, immigration law is the focus and specialization of our practice.

Her extensive experience, unparalleled knowledge of immigration law and tenacity is a driving force in our office and what draws people to seek our advice from all over the country. Maria Luisa is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French and English.

Mary de Castro Foden


Mary received her Bachelor's degree at Boston University, and her Juris Doctor from UCONN Law in 2005. Before joining our office as an attorney, Mary worked at the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington D.C., where she divided her energies between immigration and copyright legislation. She is fluent in Spanish and English.

Mary leads our office in removal defense and criminal immigration litigation. She has extensive experience in cancellation of removal, waivers of inadmissibility, and adjustment of status. Mary is also responsible for our appellate practice, and is well known for her work before the Board of Immigration Appeals and Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Clients from all over the country come to seek our assistance in removal defense, and her advocacy, compassion and professionalism has established her as a preeminent attorney in immigration defense litigation. Recent Precedent Decision: Matter of Ferreira, 26 I&N 415 (BIA 2014)